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5/13/2015: Stahl Sheaffer’s Manager of Building Structural Engineering, Pete Brumberg, P.E., recently served as a guest lecturer for two educational programs. For Penn State’s College of Engineering CE 342 Steel Structures Design, he presented considerations for the design and selection of roof systems. For the first- and second-grade classes at Grays Woods Elementary school, Pete helped guide a new generation toward a career in engineering by providing a perspective based on their life experience. The students participated in an interactive session using 3D modeling to enhance their curriculum unit on playground design.

5/12/2015:  Rod Stahl, P.E., Principal of Stahl Sheaffer Engineering, was a panelist today at Penn State’s Career Services Conference, a yearly professional development event that helps Career Services professionals learn what it takes to start a business, including resources, timing, and other insights. Rod joined other PSU alums on the panel for “Catch the Wave: How Academics, Experiential Learning, and Innovation Combine to Create Pathways to Entrepreneurship.”

5/6/2015:  Good luck to PSU Bridges to Prosperity! The group is off to build a bridge in Panama next week. Stahl Sheaffer was happy to provide support again in 2015.

“I just wanted to reach out to sincerely thank Stahl Sheaffer for supporting Penn State Bridges to Prosperity again this year! We absolutely love working with you guys and it was great to see Ben again. Him coming to our meeting was very empowering and inspiring to better safety on-site. Again, on behalf of Penn State Bridges to Prosperity, we cannot better express our gratitude to Stahl Sheaffer! Your company has not only empowered us to make a difference in the loves of others but Stahl Sheaffer has also impacted many students in Penn State Bridges to Prosperity.” PSU Chapter President

Check out the Bridges to Prosperity video and please like it as it is entered into a competition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4XevbBJJgI

Stahl 12/27/2015:  Stahl Sheaffer Engineering Principal Rod Stahl co-presented the Musser Gap Greenway project with Penn State and Clearwater Conservancy at the recent KAPPA Conference. View the video here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2vg9bS7wrZySXhnSUo2TGNLa2c/view?usp=sharing 

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