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Musser Gap Greenway

Stahl Sheaffer Engineering designed the site plan for a recreational trail that provides an important and safe connection for pedestrians and bicyclists between Penn State campus and the Centre County bikeway system to Rothrock State Forest. The trail begins at the Musser Gap parking area at the base of Rothrock, and runs through Penn State property, crossing State Route 45 and Slab Cabin Run and continuing to the site of the new Whitehall Road Regional Park. Site engineering included trail design, HOP, stormwater, signage, pavement markings, and a bridge over Slab Cabin Run. Drainage is controlled through the use of roadside vegetative swales, cross culverts, turnouts, and earthen berm level spreaders.

Read the full article to find out how Stahl Sheaffer, Penn State, and Clearwater Conservancy collaborated to make this vision a reality.Stahl Sheaffer received a Community Conservation Commendation from Clearwater Conservancy for leadership in this effort.  Download the pdf here:

Musser Gap Greenway

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Applied Research Lab at Penn State


Stahl Sheaffer Engineering provided the site engineering and land development plans for this project.  Specific tasks include a site feasibility study, a survey, a lot consolidation plan, engineering design, final site plans and construction administration.  The engineering design and final site plans included stormwater collection and conveyance facilities that allowed for no additional volume of stormwater to leave the site.  The office building was designed to be LEED certified meeting criteria for the Gold Standards.

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