Young Scholars Charter School

This project for LeFevre Wilk Architects (LWA) consisted of a new structure design for a charter school in Central Pennsylvania. Stahl Sheaffer Engineering (SSE) provided LeFevre Wilk Architects with the structural design of load bearing walls, foundations, lintel and header beams, and a loading summary. Due to budget constraints, full build-out of the facility was not feasible. Therefore, SSE and LWA implemented a phased development to allow current operation and future expansion of the charter school.  The third phase of this project, 2nd floor addition, will be in construction throughout the summer of 2012.

Astro Turf Field Lift Pads

This safety driven project for Penn State Football’s Astro Turf Facility required the design of two concrete pads for filming football practices.  Stahl Sheaffer Engineering was tasked with providing stable concrete platforms capable of supporting scissor lifts and other necessary equipment.  One location required the design of an 8’-0” high retaining wall to match the elevation of the existing practice fields.  This accelerated project delivery required the use of Design-Build, which requires effective communication and cooperative efforts with the contractor throughout the construction process.

Weaver’s Market

This project for HEPCO Construction, Inc. consisted of a complete building design for a new grocery market in Central Pennsylvania.  Stahl Sheaffer provided HEPCO with permit and construction drawings that included the design of concrete footings, 25’+ masonry walls and 90’+ steel roof joists.  Step footings and masonry walls were specified to incorporate a basement level for storage.  Steel lintels were designed to span larger openings for store front windows and garage door openings in the masonry wall.  Accurate and complete permit drawings allowed the contractor to maintain schedule and proceed with construction as planned.

Penn State Multi Sport Complex

Stahl Sheaffer Engineering provided services to the university to replace the existing railing, as well as certifying the new track surface.  SSE prepared and consulted with the owner regarding options for replacement or improvement of an existing railing used for edge protection on a hydraulic bankable track installed in the Multi-Sport Complex.  SSE designed a retro-fit to the existing assembly to strengthen the vertical members and reduce give in the system.

SSE also provided on-site surveying of the new track surface by IAAF regulations to verify the exact measurement of a 200 m first lane.  SSE staked the initial layout by marking designated points to guide the paint process, and later verified the final product within a hundredth of an inch.  SSE prepared a statement verifying construction as well as a complete IAAF Certification System Form for the university to retain for record-keeping.