Pittsburgh, PA

5000 Waterdam Plaza
Suite 120
McMurray, PA 15317
Phone: (724) 960-1111
FAX: (724) 960-1162

N 40° 16′ 02″
W 80° 07′ 46″

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Soils & Materials Lab
325 Meadowlands Blvd, Suite 2
Washington, PA  15301
(724) 206-9862

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Stahl Sheaffer Engineering serves the greater Pittsburgh region with multi-discipline engineering services, with additional experience related to:

  • Roadway engineering, including road condition surveys and construction management and inspection.
  • Geotechnical engineering.
  • Oil and gas industry support services (PA, OH, WV, NY) including bonding and permitting and transportation planning in accordance with:
    –  Road Use Maintenance Agreements (RUMA)
    –  Excess Maintenance Agreements (EMA)
    –  Heavy User Maintenance Plans (HUMP)
    –  Erosion & Sediment Control General Permit (ESCGP)
    –  Utility clearance, verification, and coordination
    –  Evaluation of access routes for oversize vehicles
    –  Roadway planning for oversize/overweight vehicles
    –  Roadway safety evaluations
    –  Journey Management Plans
  • Traffic studies, including traffic analysis, streetscaping, and transportation enhancement.
  • Bridge inspections and structural analysis.