Selinsgrove, PA

Susquehanna Valley Region

5 South Market Street, Suite 10
Selinsgrove, PA  17870
Phone:  (570) 374-4813
FAX:  (570) 374-4837

N 40° 47′ 57″
W 76° 51′ 43″

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Stahl Sheaffer Engineering’s Greater Susquehanna Valley location provides multi-discipline engineering services, with extensive experience in:

  • Roadway engineering and inspection.
  • Muncipal services, including streetscaping, parks and trails, and traffic studies.
  • Structural engineering and analysis, including design, BIM, 3-D modeling, permitting, and facade restoration.
  • Land development, including surveying, site design, LEED certification, and permitting.
  • Bridge design, rehabilitation, analysis, and inspection (NBIS).
  • Construction management and inspection.