Bridge Structures

Bridge Design

The Stahl Sheaffer Engineering staff offers bridge design services that include complete replacement, rehabilitation, restoration, and maintenance. In addition to the typical structural components of such projects, we also provide complete design of the associated roadway facility.  This design includes hydraulic, geometry, pavement, drainage, environmental permitting, signing and pavement marking, right of way, and other associated services.

Our staff expertise in the ever changing and evolving profession of bridge engineering is maintained by the constant involvement in design projects.  These projects range from single span to multiple span continuous structures with lengths in the range of 8 feet to 1,500 feet.  These structures are located on interstates, arterials, local roads, and state forest roads.

Our work encompasses bridge structures including:

  • Prestressed concrete spread box beams, adjacent box beams, plank beams, AASHTO I-beams, and PA I-beams.
  • A36, A588, A50, and A70 rolled steel beam and plate girder beam structures.
  • Cast in place reinforced concrete box culverts, precast concrete box culverts, and precast concrete arch culverts.
  • Reinforced concrete cantilever abutments and wingwalls, wall piers, hammerhead piers, multi-column bents, and integral abutments.
  • Pile supported footings, spread footings on soil and rock, Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls, and temporary shoring.

Structural Inspection – Bridges

Stahl Sheaffer Engineering provides Certified Bridge Inspectors (CBI) with extensive experience in the inspection of hundreds of state, local, and privately owned bridges throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We provide standard inspection documentation along with load capacity analyses, summary reports, and maintenance recommendations.

Stahl Sheaffer is experienced in the use of appropriate access methods and traffic control for National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) safety inspections of:

  • Cast in place concrete and concrete encases steel bridges
  • Prestressed concrete bridges
  • Masonry bridges
  • Timber stringer, truss, and covered truss bridges
  • Steel multi-girder and truss bridge structures

We also conduct in-depth inspection and analysis of steel and iron truss bridges from 30 feet to 1,500 feet in length, steel girder-floorbeam-stringer bridges including pin hanger assemblies, and steel multi-girder bridges including riveted built-up, rolled, and welded plate girder member.

Our staff is experienced in the proper use of Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) and Load Factor Design (LFD), including the associated PENNDOT computer software.  Additionally, the staff is proficient in the use of STAAD-Pro finite element software, and various industry specific design programs.  We remain familiar with current codes, including PennDOT Design Manuals, AASHTO codes, and other pertinent resources.