Land Development

Land Development Services

Stahl Sheaffer Engineering, LLC (SSE) provides a broad range of site design and engineering services vital to the successful design of land development projects. We provide a single source for site design, survey, traffic studies, structural engineering, utility coordination, and storm water design.

Our staff of civil engineers, licensed surveyors, and LEED-certified designers is thoroughly familiar with subdivision and land development processes.  We work closely with local and state agencies to resolve the many issues involved in moving a project from design through approval.  As a representative of our client, Stahl Sheaffer Engineering provides a professional approach through all stages of the process, from field survey through municipal meeting attendance.

  • Site feasibility studies
  • Site layout and grading
  • Parking lot design and layout
  • Storm water management
  • Erosion and sediment control plans
  • NPDES permit applications
  • Site lighting
  • Landscaping design
  • Bridge / Culvert design
  • Retaining wall design
  • Boundary/Topographic surveys

We help to streamline land development when Highway Occupancy Permitting is required.  A traffic impact study is one component of the highway occupancy permit process required for larger developments.  Smaller developments often require only driveway design approvals form PennDOT. Regardless of the size of the development, our staff will prepare all necessary permit information including:

  • Driveway design according to Penn DOT standards
  • Roadway widening
  • Drainage improvements
  • Traffic signal design

Our experience in preparing PennDOT plans, specifications, and estimates generally reduces review time because we provide PennDOT with roadway designs in the format they prefer.

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