Other Services

Geotechnical Engineering

Stahl Sheaffer Engineering conducts sub-grade testing, embankment stabilization testing, and roadway coring. Combine this with our roadway engineering design,  construction management, road condition surveying, GIS management, and inspection capabilities for single source project managagement.

  • A Solid Foundation for Roadway Projects. Stahl Sheaffer Engineering specializes in Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) to support roadway construction. Our services  include sub-grade testing, embankment stabilization testing, and roadway coring, allowing us to recommend effective FDR mix designs and quality control monitoring during construction to ensure efficient soil stabilization.
  • Cost Effective Customized Analysis. SSE’s geotechnical expertise is grounded in our roadway engineering experience, giving us a better understanding of what needs to be tested based on the site and specific job requirements.  You’ll get more than lab results — you’ll have a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations for the most cost effective approach. And we turn it around quickly so you can fast-track construction, further reducing costs.
  • Targeted Service and Support. SSE caters to  your desired level of service — you can deliver the materials to our lab for analysis, or we can extract soil samples and pavement cores at your site. All the data is maintained and tracked in a GIS database for easy map display.  We are familiar with all PennDOT Districts and DEP regional offices. We have successfully processed many permits through DEP’s Marcellus Shale permitting program.

Municipal Engineering Services

Stahl Sheaffer Engineering can provide municipalities with a wide range of services. Several members of our staff include former municipal staff engineers with valuable experience and insight to municipality requirements.  We are very familiar with the processes involved in moving engineering designs through borough staff reviews, Design Review Board, and Planning Commission approval. We offer unequaled expertise in municipal engineering and understanding of local government procedures. One of our founders was previously employed as a Township Engineer responsible for the design and administration of numerous municipal capital projects including road rehabilitation, culvert and bridge replacements or rehabilitations, park construction/improvements, and the review and approval of municipal land development plans.

We offer the following services:

  • Public meeting support
  • Traffic studies including signal warrants, traffic calming, and regulatory sign studies
  • Geographic information system (GIS) database design and management
  • Grant applications
  • Sanitary sewer collection system management

We have experience administering projects funded through various sources, including, among others, Township General Funding, PENNDOT/FHWA Retroactive Reimbursements, PENNDOT/FHWA Reimbursement Agreements, Liquid Fuel Funding, Community Development Block Grants, and PADCNR Growing Greener.

Stahl Sheaffer is currently designated as a Municipal Engineer for the following:

  • College Township, Centre County
  • Snyder County (NBIS Inspector)
  • Harris Township, Centre County
  • Columbia County (Construction Inspection)
  • Ferguson Township, Centre County
  • Peters Township, Washington County
  • Haines Township, Centre County
  • Liberty Township, Montour County
  • State College Borough, Centre County
  • Designated Transportation Project Engineer for Ferguson Township

Project Management

Nearly every project completed by government entities or private commercial developers uses professional managers experienced in construction during the design and/or construction phases of the project. We can provide an experienced project manager to:

  • Administer and manage design contracts.
  • Administer and manage the zoning / land development approval process.
  • Assist with the bidding documents and acquiring a contractor.
  • Assist in the creation of and review of construction contracts between the owner and the contractor.
  • Provide consultation to the owner during construction.
  • Track progress to verify that the project remains on schedule.
  • Perform site inspections.
  • Approve estimated payments and bank draws.
  • Perform final inspections and assist in the formulation of a punch list.
  • Track completion of the punch list and maintenance responsibilities.