Surveying Services


Stahl Sheaffer Engineering can perform topographic surveys for a wide variety of projects. SSE individuals are experienced in performing field surveying for both roadway and site development projects.  Our field work facilitates the development of mapping coverage that is adequate to depict the existing conditions and present the proposed construction.  The data collected also permits the development of a digital terrain model of the site which facilitates development of the design plans.

Our field survey procedures are performed using total stations with electronic field book capability.  Field data is collected and electronically transferred to in house computers where it is compiled, checked and plotted.  Where existing information is available, our surveys are horizontally and vertically tied to the Pennsylvania State Plane Coordinate System.

Stahl Sheaffer survey crews are trained and equipped with a Topcon Hyper GA survey grade GPS system with base station receiver and a rover receiver for accuracy within 1 cm horizontal and 1.5 cm vertical.  This equipment only requires one trained surveyor to properly collect all necessary field data, eliminating labor costs of a rodman and communication time between them.  This also allows the field survey data to be collected in a global coordinate system, so it remains compatible with the GIS database and other spatial data.

Our topographic surveying services include:

  • Field surveying (roadway and site development)
  • Development of a digital terrain model
  • Courthouse research:
    –  To determine legal right of way boundaries
    –  To provide property ownership information